The Spring Forum in Bozeman exceeded most attendees expectations. Everyone came away having learned something their club could use.

There were four one hour sessions with attendees choosing from the following topics:

  • “The Challenge of Creativity”,
  • “Hi, I’m Your New Member, Bye, I’m Leaving”,
  • “What Makes A Lion’s Club Successful?”,
  • “Membership: An International Mission, Not An Accident Waiting To Happen”,
  • “Positive Club Growth Through Leadership”,
  • “Lions Centennial Celebration-We’re 100 Years Young!”,
  • “Getting New Lions For Your Club”,
  • “When You’re Through Changing, You’re Through!”,
  • “Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Oh My! Can Social Media Help Our Club”,
  • “So You Hate Speaking In Front Of An Audience?”,
  • “Average or Excellence”,”Recruiting Younger Members”,
  • “Do You Have The Personality Of A Lion?”

Attendee comments were: More attendees needed to get this information back to the clubs, More handouts with larger print to use for referral at the club, Too many good topics to pick from, Very informative.

Gary and his team are working on improvements for the Fall Forum in Billings to make the Fall Forum even more informative. There will be new subjects including sessions for Leos, to help clubs meet their challenges. We will be getting information about the topics to be covered to you as soon as they are available. Ideally each club will send at least 2 members as they can attend more sessions than only 1 could attend in order to help their club’s objectives.

It is too time consuming as well as expensive for the District or International to have a team visit each club to present this valuable information. Also, I personally have found in my many years of management, that some of the most useful information came from other attendees at conferences we attended by helping with ways to understand how to better use ideas presented. Their experiences will only be shared at club visitations, forums and conventions.

The Fall Forum will be October 8th at the Big Horn Resort and Waterpark close to Montana Zoo in Billings. Mark the date on your calendars. We look forward to seeing you there!


Lary Garrison
Co-Chair Fall Forum

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