Message from our Past International Director Dave Hajny

Greetings Lions:

I would hope that all of you will seriously consider the letter from District Governor Gessling regarding the Fires around . The immediate need caused from the fires, beckons to us as Lions, to assist them in these trying times. The long term challenges they will be Fire sparks graphic with District 37 map of Montana.confronted with are difficult to comprehend. Many, who have not lost their home, had their place of work destroyed. Power is out, the water resources are inoperable, children scared because they don’t know what to expect next. Now the officials feel it may burn in the area for up to 3 months.

Coming together as Lions will now be a question each of us and our Clubs should face. How much can we do to give these people help? I hope you will consider an amount that exemplifies what we all stand for. Giving from our hearts is one of the main reasons we all are Lions. Please, please, think about them as we would want them to think how they would help us if the situation was reversed.

We are just a major Fire, a huge Flood, or any devastating disaster away from being the people next need.

Caring for others,
Lion Dave Hajny.

Webmasters Note: This message was received on official stationary but was copied to this format for readability. See previous post by DG Richard Gessling for more details.
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