Letter from LCI President to ADG Lary Garrison (and Dist. 37)

Dear Governor Lary,

Thanks so sincerely for all of your hard work in a District 37.  Although your District is not yet at growth for this year, you and the other Lions have worked hard to make your District even better, and you have worked to serve your communities.

I am writing you to ask your help and also to tell you about a way that your District can still be recognized for membership gains this year!  You have already proven that yours is a District with dedicated leaders.  Through your leadership, you have already contributed to our tremendous success this year.

I’m sure your already know that LCI is now larger than we have ever been during our 100 year history!  We broke the records this year!  But, I am sad to tell you that here in the United States, we are not yet at growth.  Nonetheless, it has been a great year in the US as we have worked toward gaining new members.  The last numbers I saw showed the US down by fewer than 800 members.  And that’s the best we’ve been in much longer than I can remember.

I’m writing you to ask you to help us get the US to growth during this Centennial year!  We have 9 more days to do it!  Won’t you make some contacts with the Club Presidents in your District and get them to help us?  This is a great opportunity for the Lions of the US to demonstrate our leadership once again.

As an additional incentive, I have already announced that in addition to recognizing Governors of Districts at growth for the year, we will also recognize Governors whose Districts grow DURING THE MONTH OF JUNE!  So this is a chance to your District to be recognized for your membership growth!

So please, make these last 9 days count for us in the US and also in your District.  Please keep up the great work so we can get more good members who will help us help more people in more communities.  Together we will continue to find those New Mountains to Climb!

I hope to see you at the Convention in Chicago!


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