Grants Available from Lions Clubs International Foundation

lcif_v2cDear Lions,

As a leader of this organization, something I want you to know is that Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) stands with Lions. LCIF helps Lions’ projects reach more people and benefit more communities. Have you ever thought about if the service project in your community could have reached more people if provided additional resources? Have you ever been involved in a project that you wish could have helped more people? LCIF grants are available to help you do that.

Dollar signs as leaves on a tree.Receiving a grant for your service project may seem like an abstract idea, but it is possible to accomplish this for your own community. The donations that LCIF receives go directly to Lions who apply for grants and meet the required criteria.

Think about the service projects your club is participating in. Can a grant make your projects more impactful to your community or the community you are serving? In addition, think about this the next time you consider giving a donation to LCIF.

We have some exciting changes happening to our grants framework, so I hope you will talk with your club about LCIF and the potential grant opportunities available to you.

Very truly yours,
Chancellor Bob Corlew
Your International President

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