Understanding LCI Forward and Club Activity Reports

Club Activity Reports, You, and Lions International

image descriptionLCI Forward provides a strategic framework to help clubs to strive for excellence. This plan was developed by the Long Range Planning Committee of the International Board of Directors and guided by the association’s vision statement “To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service”.

It is a platform for action that will help your club develop priorities to significantly expand humanitarian service, improve current operations, and pursue new ways to unite people in Lions’ service. LCI can give us this vision, but it takes application at the club level to make the vision a reality.

The primary goal is to improve the lives of at least 200 million per year by FY 2020-21
through expanded humanitarian service – tripling of our service – as measured through the Service Activity Report system. This is important to Lions because activities reported by clubs increase the ability of Lions to forge strategic partnerships with other organizations. This will accomplish more for those in need all around the world and in your back yard!


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