5.3 million lives impacted in July and August

The Lions logo and heart outline framing the text Club Service Chairperson.The Lions of Constitutional Area 1 (USA, Bermuda, Bahamas and the Islands of the Caribbean) are off to a great start. Since July 1, we have served more than 5.3 million people. Give yourself a pat on the back. Unfortunately, the needs of those in our communities continue to grow.

How can we improve and do more?

  • Make sure that all service projects are properly reported by the Club Service Chair (CSC) or Club Secretary. Click here to listen to our recent webinar, which explained why reporting is important.
  • Work with service project committees to ensure that at least four hands-on service projects per year are completed.
  • Monitor member engagement in service activities. Members who are engaged have a more valuable experience and tend to remain Lions.
  • Give members an opportunity to develop leadership skills by asking different Lions to lead service projects on an annual basis.
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