Lions Clubs International’s Website Improvements

Getting the most out of the new Lions Clubs International website

lionlogo_150Our all-new website is almost here! And it’s been designed to improve the experience of Lions and potential Lions alike. The website is a critical part of Lions’ and clubs’ experiences, and we’re extremely proud to be launching a product that’s the result of years of research and development—listening to members’ and clubs’ wants and needs, and incorporating them in useful ways.

So, exactly how can our new website enhance your service? Let’s take a look!

1. The Service Launchpad
Lions Clubs International has developed ready-to-use, comprehensive project planners. The Service Launchpad guides you through a few simple questions to help you find the perfect project that supports one of our five global causes: diabetes, hunger, vision, childhood cancer and the environment.

2. The Resource Center
Over the years, Lions have produced so many great resources like guides, presentations, media and much more. To help members find what they need with ease, our new website features a powerful search and discover tool called the Resource Center. It’s as simple as typing a keyword into the search bar, and content filters in the sidebar will help you narrow your search.

3. The Club Locator
With more than 48,000 clubs around the world, the service of Lions reaches communities far and wide. The new website allows potential Lions, and Lions, to find any and every club by simply searching a location or keyword in the Club Locator. The new Club Locator is also fully integrated with MyLion™, so clubs that are using the MyLion™ app can showcase their clubs’ information, photos and upcoming projects to potential members.

4. Enhanced Storytelling
Lions are on the frontlines of service in countless communities around the globe. It’s time that these stories are given a bigger platform than ever before and are shared with the world. One of the main focuses of the new website is exactly this—featuring the stories of Lions, beautifully and across a variety of media including blogs, photography and videos. Sharing these incredible service stories will not only show potential Lions what we’re all about, it will also help Lions inspire  one another and take pride in the good that our nearly 1.5million members are doing every day.

5. Simple Donations
Lions Clubs International Foundation empowers the service of Lions through grants given to humanitarian projects around the world. Funding these projects, which help so many in need each year, requires donations from Lions and potential Lions alike. To make donating as easy as possible, the online process has been streamlined. We’ve added   a “donate” button to the top of every page so that all website visitors are aware of the opportunity to give in support of our life-changing service.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a Lion
While the website may be getting a new look and feel, the tangible good provided by Lions to the world remains the same. The goal of the new site is simple: to provide an excellent experience to our members—one that is both stunning and useful—while sharing with the world who we are, what we do and how they can join in.

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