GMT Update: Webinar Offers Ideas for Club Growth

membership_challenge_smEvery club needs to have a plan to find new members no matter how many members they have today. We have seen clubs like Lewistown , Miles City, Absorakee and Broadview, to name a few, go from healthy, active clubs to being nonexistent. We have also seen some clubs go from well over 100 members to less than 75. I am asking and encouraging every club in District 37 to have at least one member participate to get some ideas they may find useful. Even if it is only one idea, it may be that one idea that makes a difference in your club’s future. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW IF NO-ONE FROM YOUR CLUB PARTICIPATES!!!

This webinar is planned for next Thursday, January 10th, at 5pm MST. It is a one hour presentation that will share ideas which have worked to grow a club from 8 active members to 48 members over a 36 month period. To register go to

Clubs can also utilize the Membership Growth Event Toolbox found at

Yours in Lionism,
PDG Lary Garrison
Montana GMT

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