Vision & Hearing

white_caneThe Lions of District 37S have had sight and hearing projects as a focus of our clubs for years. Lions of Montana assist individuals by providing services ranging from new eyeglasses for deserving youth or recycled hearing aids for seniors or supporting eye banks.  The Montana Sight and Hearing Foundation is a state-wide program supported by the Lions of Montana.

Knight-3The Montana Sight and Hearing Foundation: Any activities to benefit those with sight and hearing impairment vary with each Lions club – so the public is urged to contact your local Lions Club for assistance.  The Montana Sight and Hearing Foundation is supported by all Lions in Montana and provides sight and hearing assistance beyond what individual Lions clubs can.

For: Hearing/Speech Action/Sight Conservation/ Work with the Blind or the Lions Eye Health Program please contact: Dennis Kopitzke at

Go to the Montana Sight and Hearing Foundation website

plusoptix-300x240Lions Clubs International Foundation, The Montana Sight & Hearing Foundation and Lions Clubs across the state have joined together to fight against blindness. We do so by offering Plusoptix vision screening for children to assist in diagnosing and eliminating causes of blindness as well as promoting personal development through improved sight.

For more information go to the Montana Vision Screening page


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