Website Registration: Be Notified of Important District News

Why Register? Communication between clubs (and from the district) is a critical aspect of what Lions are about. Yes, your individual projects and interests are important, but awareness of other’s successes, lessons learned, and resources available to assist your club are valuable assets. It only works if individual Lions participate in the process. The first step is to register by filling out the three boxes in the upper right hand column and clicking register – more about that below.

What registration means. Registering adds you to the email list of this website. It is the primary way the district will broadcast important information. We promise not to bury you in messages:

1) The website sends out a message about once a month with a list of stories recently posted. The list is linked so they can easily be reviewed if you missed them when originally published.

2) Other messages may be sent that originate from the District Governor or Secretary. These will be few in number, will be informative to all Lions in the District and will have one of the following phrases in the message line:

  • News for District Lions – The message contains timely information that the District wants to share with everyone as quickly as possible,
  • Attention Lions – This is something you should know and share with your club  – so be sure it is mentioned at your next meeting, or
  • Action for Lions – an email response from you is requested.

3) Remember that every article appearing on this website is published with you and your club in mind. Check here often and share the info with others even if an email doesn’t urge you to do so.

How to Register. The process is simple. Fill in your name (Last, First) in the top box, add your Club name to the next (so credit can be given in the contest), fill in your email address in the third and click the submit button. The website will send you a message to confirm your address. Open it and click the enclosed link and you are done.

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