Using “Search” to Find News Items With the Same Words

image descriptionTwo important text boxes appear on the right hand column of this website. One accepts your email address to notify you of future news of interest. Immediately below that is a search box. Enter anything you are looking for: name, title, event or other term and then click search. A new page will display any posts with those terms – the most recent entry will be at the top.

You can also click on any of the categories listed immediately below the search box. All posts are categorized and will be displayed according to the one you choose – also with the newest entry at the top. Happy searching!

You can add comments to stories using the boxes below them. Comments do not need to be on the story you are reading – you can do them anywhere. Tell others about your Club’s successes, member’s accomplishments, future activities, or just say hello. Your comment will be posted as soon as possible. Your name and address is needed so we can contact you if needed and verify that your comment is genuine (spam happens here, too).

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