Club Communicator

A Star Trek badge with a Lions liogo.“Beam me up, Scotty!” Captain Kirk commands as he touches his communicator. If Lions had such a device, it might look like the one shown here. But for us the internet is evolving as the primary tool we use to exchange information. It allows us to inform and receive valuable information – cheaply, quickly and simultaneously. That is why each club should have at least one person who can take advantage of the internet’s capabilities for their club.

This designated Lion’s role would be to expedite internet communications for their club. Browsing the District 37S website and printing articles of interest for distribution at meetings fulfills one side of the conversation. Adding club responses to website articles (by making comments on the site) or correcting club information in directories completes the other.

Just like checking the club mailbox before a meeting, visiting your district site and your email should be routine. News and information makes it to those who seek it out. And news may be beneficial to your club by providing new ideas, saving time or helping raise money – such as with the Communication Month Contest.

Name your club’s Communicator now by “beaming up” the Lion’s name and the name of your club as a comment to this article. That Lion needs to register for this site (see entry on registering).

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