basics – Don’t Be Intimidated!

Thank you for choosing to use this site which is dedicated to sharing news about district activities. This article provides basic information about using this website. See the other topics listed in the same menu as this page, too.

The menu bar – below the photo banner at the top of each page is a black menu bar. Items appear here separately from news stories on the rest of the main page so they can easily be located without using the tools shown below. Be sure to reveal any hidden drop down menus by placing your cursor over each item.

image descriptionThe main page – This page shows all the current news items for about a month as a continuous (often called bottomless) page. The newest entry appears at the top. Scroll down to reveal more stories hidden below the bottom of you screen. Older stories are archived but can be found using the navigation tools.

Because the main page is so long, printing it for your club is cumbersome and takes quite a bit of paper. Instead, right click on a story headline and choose “open in new window” in the dropdown box. This new page is just the story you see and is ready to print. Another tab in your browser remains with the news page of so you can easily return to it. Repeat the process for any others you wish to print.

Look for valuable links at the bottom of pages including:

  • Continue reading – news items may be shortened to allow more topics to be visible without excessive scrolling down the page. Clicking this reveals the whole article.
  • Older posts – searches may only display a few of the posts available. This link appears at the bottom of the list page to reveal more.
  • Leave a comment – appears after a story (or a items listed in a search). Clicking it reveals a page that gives you the opportunity to write a comment to be shared with others. Any comment box can be used to submit news about your club. News will be reviewed and posted as soon as possible. (see more about adding comments below)

Navigation – Additional navigation aids appear in the right hand column of this website:

  • Quick Sort & Categories – provide instant access to any stories posted by  author(s) as associated with categories shown. For example, click on “conventions” and a list of posts about conventions will appear (similar to the main page) with the newest at the top. Be aware that the stories listed will be a shortened version to make it easier look through. “Continue Reading” will reveal the full story for each of them.
  • The Word Search –  does a similar display to categories but adds all posts where the terms you type in are contained in the story instead of using a category. Using the same example of “conventions” will bring up the same stories as the quick sort, but will also add more that have the word “convention” anywhere in them.
  • The calendar (also displayed in the right hand column) can also be used to display stories associated with a specific date and the archive at the bottom of the page will reveal all archived stories by month and year.

More about adding comments – You can add comments to stories using the “leave a Comment” link below them. Comments do not need to be on the story you are reading – you can add them anywhere and they will be posted (perhaps elsewhere) after review. Correct your club information, tell others about your Club’s successes, member’s accomplishments and future activities, or just say hello. Your comment will be posted as soon as possible. Your name and email is requested when you make a comment so you can be contacted if needed and to verify that your comment is genuine (spam happens here, too).

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