News Essentials for a Great Story

This website operates as a blog – a quick listing of news that allows readers to chime in with their opinions, experiences or questions. When writing a story to submit to this site consider your audience: other Lions (and clubs), district leaders (they like to know what you are doing, too) and the public (who all too often is not aware what Lions do). Consider the following points as you craft your story:

  • Who? Identify not only your club and community, but tell the readers who are the beneficiaries of your project/activity.
  • What? Early in the story tell what the activity is: honoring a Lion, a community project, an LCIF fundraiser, a social gathering or other event (or combination). How much support needs to be raised in dollars or donated supplies.  How many volunteers and hours did it take to accomplish the task?
  • When? Date and time – especially if you are urging others to attend.
  • Where? State the obvious.
  • Why? Why did your club choose this event? Is it a long-standing project? Was it a need your club decided to fill?
  • How? Provide any details that might help others plan and successfully do a similar event. Lessons learned are a great addition to your story – let others learn from your experience (both good and “challenging”).

Remember, the goal of this website is to keep stories short and to the point. Additions such as photos, forms, outlines or guides are welcome and are usually added as links that can be viewed by those wanting details. Also bear in mind that your story does not need to tell every detail – a blog encourages interaction between article authors, the webmaster and readers by making comments. If another Lion wants to ask a question they can do so.

Articles can be written entirely in a comment box (photos an other material need to be emailed to: or you can use your favorite computer program and “copy and paste” the finished piece into a comment (or email it).

Happy writing.

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