American Flag Program (Flags for First Graders)

Note: While this program is not an official project of the District, the Billings Lions Club still provides the bulk purchase of flags to Montana Lions Clubs.

The outline of the State of Montana filled with a waving American flag.The American Flag Program is sometimes known as “Flags for First Graders.” Local Lions provide first grade school children with small American flags, bases and brochures.  This program provides a forum for discussing the history of our flag and highlights patriotism. This activity can be done at any time but most clubs give out the flags around President’s Day (February 18th for 2008). Some clubs simply provide the flags to local schools but most clubs have Lions present them to the kids.  Many teachers incorporate the flags as part of their education program.  Most presentations are made in the Lions vest and some clubs print additional certificates for the classroom or individual child .

Many high school students still have the flag given to them in the first grade.  As you can see there are no set rules run the program as you want. This is a service project of 37S to provide flags at cost to the rest of Montana Lions Clubs.  We operate this program as a self sustaining non-profit program.  If you choose to obtain flags from another source then please do so — we feel the most important thing is the distribution of the flags.
This is an effective project and provides great name recognition for local Lions Clubs while providing local children with symbols of Pride and Patriotism.  Flags can be used for other projects such as 4th July, Parades or distribution to Veterans/Nursing homes.  The only requirement for their use is that they are to be distributed by a non-profit organization and not be resold.

For more information or flag orders contact:
Lion Diana Morelli
2123 Monad Rd
Billings MT 59102


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