Site Administrative Roles

This site has a tiered level of login and password controlled administration in order of descending capability as shown below. District Officers and Committee Chairs typically would be expected to serve as editor, author or contributor. The best case scenario would have all Lions in the state be subscribers to the site.

  • Administrator: Controls all aspects of the site including all software functions; appearance, navigation; and the automated email system. The administrator can edit, add, or permanently delete any item from the site, and assigns access rights to others. At this time the webmaster is the only administrator of the site – although credentials have been shared with the District Secretary.
  • Editor: Can add, edit, approve, and delete content, but cannot alter major functions or appearance of the site. Editors will also be assigned the authority to use the built-in email broadcast system but will not be able to alter email lists or change distribution settings.
  • Author: Can add, edit, and approve content but have limited rights to delete information from posts they did not author. Their access may also be limited to specific pages or areas of content and they cannot use the email distribution system. They can author an email within the broadcast system but cannot send it (only an editor or administrator can send emails).
  • Contributor: Can add new content. Items are held in a queue until approved by an author (by incorporating them into a post), editor, or administrator. When approved they become publicly available.
  • Subscriber: Can add comments to any page or post (story) on the site pending approval (before posting) and can receive site email notifications.
  • Viewer: Can only add comments to a page or post during their visit. Their comments are also moderated (reviewed before posting).

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