Sending Emails

Creating Email Messages (Administrators, Editors and Authors)

  1. Choose ‘SendPress’ in the left hand Dashboard column.
  2. From the tabs at the top of the SendPress page choose ‘Emails.’
  3. Then from the sub menu tabs choose ‘Newsletters’ and then ‘Create Email.’
  4. Type in a subject (this will appear on the email subject line so keep it short), then click ‘Save & Next.’
  5. You are now on the “Edit Email” page. Add your message in the text box editing the way you want it to appear. There are two templates to choose from to the right of the text box. ‘System Starter’ and ‘Responsive Starter’ both add the same deep green banner with the Lions emblem and a District 37 logo to the top of your message. The responsive starter also adds unsubscribe links to the email. Both will appear when your composed message is displayed later.
  6. Click ‘Update’ to save your message or ‘Send’ to go to the next step. Authors cannot send messages, so save it. Going back to the ‘Emails’ tab will allow you to view your message with the header as it will appear when sent.
  7. Thanks for composing an email! If you need it sent, please contact the webmaster, administrators and editors as a group using the email address

Sending the message (Administrators and Editors only)

  1. Pressing ‘Send’ on either the “Edit Email” or “Newsletters” page reveals “Send Email” where the complete message is shown and you can choose when to send the message and what lists it should be sent to (the mark as test option can be ignored).
  2. Pressing ‘Send’ again shows a conformation page where you can review the settings chosen. ‘Confirm Send’ finishes the editing process and begins transmission to recipients. For Editors this is the end of your involvement. Any further input needed (such as dealing with any list problems) relies only on Administrators of who will be instructed one-on-one by the webmaster as the need arises.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to send an email to the Lions of Montana.

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