Setting Up Your User Profile

To set up tour user profile go to “Users” in the left hand column and choose “Your Profile.”

The following choices apply as you go down the page that is displayed:

  1. Visual editor can be turned off (or simply ignored as you use the site).
  2. Choose the color scheme you like.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts can be on or off (you might want to use them later and can always change this setting then).
  4. Show toolbar (leave this on!).
  5. Username (can’t be changed, sorry).
  6. First Name (can be blank)
  7. Last Name (can be blank)
  8. Nickname (whatever you want displayed to identify you on the posts you author – can be your name or a shortened title such as PDG Bill, VDG Jayne, or DG Richard).
  9. Display name publicly as (choose the nickname you entered, or you can choose from permutations of the two name fields if you used them). Note: If you alter this field at any time ALL the posts you have done will reflect the change. All the work you do on the site is associated with your username.
  10. Email (enter yours)
  11. Website (can leave blank – this is a promotional tool for many bloggers)
  12. Bio info (can be blank – again, this is a promotional tool for bloggers. Our site does not display bios.)
  13. Password and password confirm (change to whatever you want and/or can remember). Note: Administrators can reset your password for you if necessary. It is best to go with a strong password just to increase the safety of our site.
  14. Note: the logout of all other sessions feature does exactly what it says. It sometimes comes in handy.
  15. Update Your Profile and you are done.


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