Comment on the Draft District 37 Communication Plan

Look, Listen, and Serve Together in text.The lifeblood of any organization is communication. Within Lions Clubs that are to comprise District 37 communication has been and continues to be an issue. Newsletters are poorly read regardless of how they are distributed. Similarly, emails and postal letters are received but not shared in a timely fashion with Clubs (if at all). In general, this malaise in sharing information is mirrored by a lack of enthusiasm about what we accomplish as Lions — in turn resulting in limited effectiveness and recognition within our communities and reduced recruitment and retention for Lions.

No committee or group of Lions can fix this by themselves. It will take the effort of all lions across the State of Montana to come together and express their experiences, listen to (or read) items presented to them (even if they are not of immediate interest) and share them with others – especially Lions in their Club! Just because you were informed of an activity does not mean others were. Besides, if those at a meeting have been informed, then a discussion may be in order.

This plan puts in writing the structure, individual responsibilities, key messages, and detailed background about how communications within District 37 and from the District to others can be improved. It is up to all Lions to recognize the importance of the effort and to do their part in supporting it. The plan’s length is necessary to cover all essential aspects of communication and is written in a manner that specific portions can be presented to individuals. Club Presidents for example, should at least be aware of their responsibilities, those of the Club Communicator, and be aware of key messages they can use for their Club.

View a copy of the Draft Plan.

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