District 37 Administration


The Governor of District 37 is the chief administrative officer of the district and serves as a bridge between Lions Clubs International and the Lions of Montana. The governor works with a team including two vice district governors to accomplish tasks outlined in the District Constitution and ByLaws.

The District Cabinet assists the district governor in the formulation and implementation of administrative plans and policies affecting the welfare of the Association in the district. A regular meeting of the cabinet shall be held at least once in each quarter of the fiscal year with written notice of time and place provided to cabinet members, all Clubs, and posted on the District web site. All Lions are urged to attend and participate in Cabinet meetings.

Cabinet members include:

  • District governor
  • Immediate past district governor
  • First and second vice district governors
  • Cabinet secretary-treasurer (or cabinet secretary and cabinet treasurer)
  • Four region chairs (see map for regions and zones)
  • Zone chairs
  • Other Lions as the district constitution and by-laws specifies such as district committee chairs for endorsed projects and activities.

A Vision for District Administration

Interaction between Lions, Clubs, and District 37 is guided by six principles:

  1. Shared Vision, Goals, and Direction – We are all Lions and are proud to serve others. We seek to share information with the goal of becoming more effective at what we do.
  2. Commitment to Individual and Collective Roles – Empowerment is the watch word for Lions activities. The District seeks to provide Clubs additional tools for their continued success.
  3. Multi-Directional Communication – Sharing between Clubs and the District is a two-way street. The District is committed to providing training and the tools to make communication faster and more effective, but effort on the part of all Lions is needed.
  4. Commitment to Solve Problems – Membership and leadership teams as well as experts for endorsed activities stand ready to assist Clubs in meeting their goals.
  5. Appreciation of Diversity – The State of Montana encompasses many unique communities and the Lions Clubs that serve them. The opportunities for service are limitless and dependent upon individual Clubs.
  6. Mutual Support and Trust – The District seeks to assist Clubs rather than place any undue burden upon them. Clubs should recognize the District interacts with Lions Clubs International differently and seeks to improve Club abilities while not violating Lions International’s requirements.

What the District provides:

  • The District supports the success of Montana Lions Clubs through targeted assistance, training and information sharing.
  • The District can provide communities and Clubs with organizational assistance (including recruitment) if desired.
  • Leadership and personal growth skills can be expanded through District-led seminars, forums, or customized assistance to clubs and individual Lions.
  • Information from the District (and news shared by Clubs) are proven shortcuts to success and conserve resources that can be better used in accomplishing local projects/events/activities. The district provides the website and publicity support to make sharing of information as effective as possible.
  • District endorsed projects provide Clubs with an experienced District Chair for expertise in that activity. District endorsed projects include those from Lions Clubs International, and the District has a vested interest in Clubs succeeding with them. However, the District does not directly fund nor does it typically directly organize community service projects – that is what Clubs do.
  • In addition, the district intends to provide expertise supporting publicity for and about Lions through campaigns encompassing large areas of the district if not the entire state.

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