Print / PDF News Pages as Handouts for Your Club

A printer icon.The symbols at left appear on full pages of this website and clicking on them opens a new window on your screen that looks like this:

A screen capture of a print window.

The top of the page indicates the website and the specific page identification in blue as a header.

As the image indicates, entire paragraphs (like the highlighted one) can be deleted before printing to save space – and images can also be removed as desired. This does not alter the web page and you can reload the print view to restore deleted items if needed.

Text size can be increased or decreased as needed. Larger type may be helpful in copies passed around club meetings.

Clicking Print sends the page to your printer and PDF will safe a file for your use. Email opens a message in PrintFriendly (the developer of the print system used by and attaches a full copy of the web page awaiting your notes and email addresses.

Note: The Print / PDF icons only appear on hosted web pages. If you open files that are already PDFs (such as club meetings, District Constitution, MTS&H Foundation newsletters, or directories), the files are ready to print and cannot be edited or condensed further.

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